Poetry Dec 2010

This month we have a surprising featured poet: Davon C. Loeb. We think you’ll find his poems are a bit eclectic and yet capture an emotion, a realism, and symbolism one cannot read without being touched. Davon has a way of imprinting on the heart with his unique perspectives.

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Indispensable Tears

Indispensable tears burping from ducts,

trounced mascara like ash, with a heart of Pompeii.

Stagnant expressions, a purgatorial smile

of insatiable insecurities, memories of sawdust,

lips’ taste of iron-

she’s a shrew in a labyrinth chasing hourglass cutouts.

The consequences of her deception like suffocation.

She sponsors back into samples of perfume,

peeling back the paper, the paralysis of her senses-

synaesthesia, oh what a drug.

Her wrists hide ridges from the marionette strings,

so she moves,

like she’s beautiful.



The Friend I Never Wanted

I subscribe to you like a hangnail.

We lay afar, night and day-

an analogy of the most cliché.

I awake, entangled to the comforter’s

emptied cocoon. Reminisces of black

tresses, the bystanders to restless dreams,

what a futile tryst;

but I still show all 31 teeth with skin

carved past my cuticles.

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