Poetry Nov. 2010

This month MP is  proud to feature our top-place finishers in the Summer of Poetry competition. Please join us in congratulating the authors as you enjoy their wonderful poems.

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~ First Place ~

Eyes of Lust

by Barbara Webb

Cease the aching of my heart
tighten the reins of my soul
only you, my silent love
can make me again whole

Be still my quivering lips
hush my tormented mind
our lives have become confluent
and seductively entwined

Calm my longing body
remove the thunder from my breasts
dim the painful lightning
while I eagerly await your caress

Think of me my love
as you slowly burn amidst the lonely night
capture my silent moans
and penetrating screams of delight

Yes, think of me my lover
as you consume the lust radiating from my eyes
while remembering all the fantasies
taste the sweet sweat seeping from my thighs

Now come rest with me my lover
and hold me close as our worlds concede
the thought of love is wonderful
but its lust, as we both mislead



~ Second Place ~

She Cries

by Joanie McCoy-Cook

Remembering all of the time that has long passed by;
Unable to forget how much it hurt, believing all the lies.
Where feelings never matter at the imminent goodbye.
The unanswered questions and forever left asking why.
She cries.

Alone, lying awake and tortured all through the night,
Her lonely heart bleeds for nothing and loses the fight.
Visualizing the face that left her breathless at first sight;
She lies awake to witness the looming morning light.
She cries.

Days go by, mounting into weeks, until years age away.
Lonely nights waste away harshly into solitary days.
Withering hope lies dormant, fearful to be betrayed.
Then she looks up to heaven, for peace again she prays.
She cries.

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