Poetry Sept 2010

Judian James is a sweet voice, singing of the every day in extraordinary ways. Her poems are artful truisms, balanced in their energy and yet sometimes asymmetrical in a way that makes you hold your breath and and consider life with new perspective.


Youthful Flair

While dreamy dreams are lingering in my head,
my step still holds a sway from last night’s sex.
I’m brought to realize I am far from dead,
and yet my mornings lately are complex …

My mirror tends to taunt me in its glare.
This morning, I could see confused anew,
an older woman with a shocking stare
arrived again last night to change my view.

How can it be?  I’m sexy and I’m loved,
though mirror casts a very different bent;
as if my youthful face has now been gloved
to show another’s skin with life half-spent.

Oh mirror, let my personality
blind all, so only youthful flair they’ll see!

(I’d like to put a hold on “elderly”)

~ ~ ~

Old Dogs

We sat on the deck,
Hazel and I,
happily free.

I told her that she
was loved and
yes, she is old as
her body has told her,
but not to defer
from playfulness yet.

Her scars were met
by my hand, as I rubbed
them and explained
the surgeries that
had to be for the
cancer that appeared
when we feared she
would die.

No longer spry,
today in the
afternoon sun as the day
had begun to pass by,
she panted with glee just
to be

here with me.

As I stroked her fur,
we were two old girls
within life’s rhyme
just sharing
our time


~ ~ ~

At The Lake

Where undulating hills lead to the lake
And cottages sit high upon the rise
Here fam’lies travel each year to partake
Of nature in this world of summer skies

To reunite in sparkling sun each year
Where undulating hills lead to the lake
To congregate and celebrate, to cheer
A lazy summer shared is no mistake

The trill of nature’s songs with each day break
Or feeding ducks at dock, forgetting woes
Where undulating hills lead to the lake
Is just the place to be for one’s repose

Then loll about in hammocks or canoes
Treasured memories one will surely make
While all stress disappears within a snooze
Where undulating hills lead to the lake

~ ~ ~

You Come to Me

You come to me, while deepening is the night
My open dream embraces you the more
Your touch that soothes, awakens memory’s sight
Creating mood secure that I adore

I often fathom worlds so rich and deep
When in your arms in nighttime’s sheerest veil
Where I become enveloped within sleep
Awaken deepest core, as wants prevail

I cherish nights in passion’s lusty sway
To come alive envis’ning love’s embrace
As your desire softens harshest day
Together we become one beat in pace

As ardent moments kindle swift, and we
Make sparks ignite in flight for dreams to be

~ ~ ~


He takes his cello
in his arms and gently
plays for me.

Seduced within
his music’s charms,
in symphony
my memories swirl.

I’m disarmed completely.
Around me,
melody swarms, rewinding
my musical history,
reminding me magically
that when fully embraced,
I’m content beautifully,
as my senses are set
free by his instrument.

His bow glides,
with each note lent to
rise and ride
to my ears now bent,
consuming each tune in

I quiver, shivering
as I can see,
that my life
is in perfect harmony

he plays for me.

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