For Paul

In celebration of 19 years with my sweet, sweet husband.


For love and lilacs…


Often, I don’t say much of anything

A My thoughts and words  are mummy wrapped

in obligations, to-do lists, and oops-I-forgots

A I can be tired, cranky, achy, and bitchy

A (hard to believe, right?)

Some days I feel like I’m temping for Atlas

A and he’s left the building

A (and being a typical man, gave no forwarding address)


But I want you to know,

A no matter how tyrannical, crazy, ambivalent, and bifurcated

I am about life and all there is to be done

A I still love you, and every May

when the lilacs come into bloom,

A it’s you I’m thinking of

And on that rare day when bountiful

A pale purple blooms from our backyard adorned a church,

they framed two hearts’ love shared

A and bound delicious memory with delicate scent.


Love you.


Lilac image from Wikipedia used under Creative Commons Generic License. To learn more visit:

2 thoughts on “For Paul

  1. Louise says:

    Sniff, sniff … I needed to read that!

    Louise xoxox

  2. admin says:

    He kind of fancied it, too! XOX

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