Sitting here

As I sit here, gazing at the bones of this issue, I keep marveling at the talent found in each submission. I’m going to pat myself on the back here and gloat over my fortune. This publication has been truly lucky to find and be found by amazing writers who not only grasp our purpose but embrace it. They knit the flesh and fill the arteries of MP with their own blood to entertain, move us, and spark the world with their vision.

I have to admit–seems like I’m ever confessing something!–the last six weeks have been a bit of hell. Busy with projects, adjusting to new meds from my doctor (who is a divine woman, btw!), and assorted this and that. Some days I feel pretty overwhelmed, but my friends and family get me through. Where’d I be without my sisters? (And my brothers, too!)

Anyway, it’s time for lunch as I’m sitting here in the heart of the Midwest. And while I eat it, I think I’m gonna be enjoying Kathy Carr’s intense, personal, and real “Phantom Pains” (it supports an argument I’ve made for years), as it graces MP’s front page. I’m also gonna ponder Davon Loeb’s poetry. He really gets us thinking. And the fiction by Tobi Lopez Taylor? Don’t even get me started. The emotions are gloriously real and the story so unique.

So, dear friends, have a fine April. Enjoy spring or autumn or whatever sort of weather is coming your way, but most of all:  enjoy life, divine in it, live it with joy!

See you next month!