Where’s the time go?

Okay, I’ll cop to it: Even though I only post here about once a month, I sometimes (heh-heh) have trouble finding a topic. This is not to be confused with insufficient topics; it’s about the inability to focus on one of them long enough to present it with a side dish of, what? Wisdom? Sage comments? Perky advice? Hell, most of the time I’d just settle for the coherent thought, all by itself. To heck with that fancy stuff.

I dunno about all of you but if my life was any busier or complex, I’d have to give notice and move to sunny Florida. Honestly, between work, writing, family, kids playing sports, selling GS cookies, cleaning the house (hey, I do it sometimes!), enough fundraisers to raise your hair, reading, the husband’s wacky winter basketball schedule (and never-homeness because of it), I can’t barely hardly single make lucid thought have day in a I which. (If you can decipher that sentence, I’ll give you a prize:  one free cat paw massage on each shoulder, but due to limitations of the time-space continuum and lack of a Star Trek transporter, it’ll have to be virtual.)

So, to all my dear friends out there whose lives are equally burdened: I salute you! Forge on, sisters! Keep that chin up (the skin looks firmer), and for the Goddess’s sake, enjoy yourself! Have some fun. Breathe and allow your mind to expand as well. Reclaim the power of coherent thought. Write, read, dance and dream! Spring’s coming here in the north, get ready to absorb the mighty sun!

Now, as topics go, this wasn’t so bad was it? I think it even sense almost made…

One thought on “Where’s the time go?

  1. Margaret says:

    Frazzled, family obligations, work, health concerns and generally too busy and overwhelmed to think or put together a coherent sentence (let alone a string of coherent sentences to write a story), nah, don’t know what you’re talking about (OK, I lie). And somehow through all the craziness that was the month of February I missed your e-mail announcing the February issue of MP was up. AND I missed contest entry dates – dang (*sigh* there’s always next time, right?)

    I believe everyone can relate to your words. Plus, it’s nice to know that in our overwhelmed state we are not alone – hang in there.

    Oh, and I’m reminded – I believe I owe you money for GS Cookies – we’ll need to arrange a cookie drop one of these days.


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