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Word Edge publishes Stilson’s Second Novel

9780997416312coverThe Long Home series by Jan Stilson continues with book two, Consuming Fire, now available in paperback and ebook. In this installment of the series, Adam, Nim, and Pete (aka Rocky) have been reunited in a new world and their past grievances have been resolved. Adam has embraced his new role as teacher and innovator, and soon he and Nim become fascinated with science research and rediscovering technology. There’s much to uncover about the new earth they inhabit, which has different universal laws they must face and decipher. Prince Kristos has established his realm but hints of insurrection trouble him. Can he preserve the peace?  With Teufel out of control it will take all Kristos’ strength and wiles. What will happen next? Available in paperback and Kindle format on, in paperback and NOOK book from Barnes & Noble, and look for it at other online booksellers. And while you’re there, pick up book one, The Long Home: Now & Then. (Word Edge is MP’s parent entity and wholly responsible for bringing you all the great content around here.)