Where have you been?

This question plagues us throughout life in various contexts with all kinds of underlying currents and connotations. A parent sitting up at midnight while a young teen slinks in.  A woman sulking over a cold dinner while her spouse puts down a laptop bag and cell phone. A basketball player on the school steps frowning at Dad when he’s fifteen minutes late.

But who cares about all of them? You’re all wondering where I’ve been! (You are, aren’t you?)

Up to my armpits in alligators. Not quite. Piranhas nipping at my pectorals? Eee-gad! I hope not!

Nothing so terribly melodramatic or cliche as any of those, of course. (We have neither breed of aquatic life in Illinois. And whew! for that!) Simply life and too  little time getting in my way. Between the dust of new flooring and the subsequent pain of stripping wallpaper, taking care of the kids, and a thousand other obligations all teeming with urgency or importance, MP didn’t get the attention it deserved. Plus, I’ve been filtering through contest submissions and making selections, with the input of several colleagues. So much to do!

Yet, I have time and energy to hope you’re all well as the season’s change rolls through our lives, bringing fall’s chill in the north latitudes and spring’s rebirth in the south. Hats off to all of us for being jugglers and dynamos even when life gets its most insane. As a reward, I suggest you go out and enjoy whatever delights the new season offers–golden leaves or golden daffodils–and just breathe the marvelous air. Quiet moments are important too.

One thought on “Where have you been?

  1. Claire Smyth says:

    Fantastic name for your publishing company. I totally agree with your comment:
    “Simply life and too little time getting in my way.” Seems to mirror my own life at this moment in time.

    I will have to take your advice – “Quiet moments are important too.”


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