Ashamed to say…

While I’m enjoying this summer immensely, I am ashamed to say I’ve got too damned much to do to derive the full joy I should. I suppose that’s a good thing, being busy I mean, until you couple it with the precious darlings home for summer break. It’s a disastrous combination. I can’t seem to finish anything. There’s always some kid crisis to deal with, or auto repair headaches, and god-knows-what-else. Some days I can hardly have a coherent thought for longer than 10 seconds. Or maybe that’s not just the distractions so much as the hormones I’m gradually losing. I’m in an odd spot with kids aged 6 and 9 and in the midst of that pre-menopausal phase where things are unpredictable at worst, and often absent for long months at best!

Anyway…July is on the horizon and I’ve got some great things planned. Also, we’re seeing contest deadlines loom. Get your poems and stories in!

Love ‘n hugs, ladies and gents! Let freedom ring!