Yikes! June has arrived and is moving swiftly along. Ordinarily, it’s a month I anticipate greatly with the usually balmy weather, sunny skies, baby birds still begging for worms they’re nearly big enough to catch themselves. It’s lovely. Yet, today I’m enjoying it with a few caveats thrown in.

First, my sister-in-law and I just completed our annual garage sale. Cripes, what a business that is. This year it seemed slightly less painful than some others…perhaps we’re finally getting it down to an art form. Best news? I have a tidy little sum to show for it and a lot less crap to trip over in my house and garage.

In contrast to all that hubbub, today I’m in preparations for my second colonoscopy. The first was 3-1/2 years ago. Family history, don’t ya know. Kinda tough being stuck at an age that requires such procedures yet still having two-kids’-worth of junk to sell on a garage sale. Life gives us real benders sometimes, and these overlapping levels of life are often beyond comprehension. Guess you just have to live them.

Listen, I’d love to write more at the moment, but the magic laxative they’ve forced me to imbibe is churning away at my insides and I might have to dash. My advice to you all? Listen to your doctor when she says you need a test or medicine or some such so that you can be around for your children (spouse, family, cousins, friends) and to (wo)man garage sales for years to come.

Love you all, sisters!