mixing clay and water to obtain a proper consistency

Do you believe May is 2/3 gone? Where the hell does the time go? Ah, yes, the perils of gaining wisdom–time speeds up until years pass as fast as cat naps. You know how when you go somewhere new it seems to take a lot longer to get there than it does to get home? It’s all about how the mind perceives an experience. The first part of the journey the ‘going to’ is an irregular path, unknown to us so we are distracted and diverted by new experiences, sights, smells, roads untraveled.  Think of it as a wild line, darting off in a direction before returning to the original path. Thus the journey seems to take longer as our mind gathers the tidbits of the adventure. The return, the ‘coming from’ is straight as an arrow, now familiar and even welcome, as something inside yearns to be in the cradle of home. We ignore the diversions and focus on the goal we know so well. The speeding by of our more, ahem, mature years, is kind of like that. As children, everything seemed new to us, vivid, fresh, we anticipated everything, and none of it came fast enough.  We were on the ‘going to’ path with so much to discover. Only now, as we are in the ‘coming from’ frame of life, do we find more things are familiar than unfamiliar. We know the worst thunderstorms appear in April and May.  We no longer tremble in fear that every dark cloud from April until September will send us diving beneath our blankets. In fact, even that lovely tingle of fear, we both despised and longed for, barely rises within.

We are tempered. The material of us is mixed with the fluid of experience so more of life  is familiar than new. So what have we got to say about it? What’s there to do? Sit on our asses and accept it? I don’t think so!  Let’s get the hell off our bottoms and make some new experiences. Enrich our lives by taking  new paths and lengthening the illusion of shortening years.

Don’t ask for water when you can choose to taste the wine!  :drink: