Share your ‘Pause stories!

Got any Menopause horror stories? Devastating hot flash in the middle of an important meeting? Did you receive a nasty, messy, surprise monthly gift in those peri-meno years? At the worst possible moment?

Share it here by posting a comment or put it up on the MP facebook page’s Discussion board. Come on, share with your sisters. You know you want to!

Make us laugh. Make us shake our heads and go, “Oh, Lord, I know exactly what you mean!” We want to know what sort of hell nature put you through as you graduate(d) from childbearer to honored priestess of wisdom!


One thought on “Share your ‘Pause stories!

  1. Neth says:

    :-) Hi, MP…

    I love Literature…I am one among those who love to write…I’ve written some poems, however, I am not sure if some possible readers would like them. I hope to join your poetry writing . God bless. :-)

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