Rainy days :-(

Sure, we need rain, and wind has a cleansing effect–like a fan in a stinky restroom, only better–but honestly, it’s May 11, why am I still wearing fleece and listening to the click of the thermostat?  Spring has sprung! Let there be sunshine and 75 degrees, please!

Today is a mixed day for me. On this date in 1922 my father was born. He was a hardworking man with a sharp sense of humor, very devoted to family. We lost him in November 2004. His sometimes gruff and frank nature is sorely missed. If you’re watching me today, Dad, I wish you all the goodness and rest you spent a lifetime earning. You’re my hero and I love you.  I rejoice in your life and reflect on the sorrow of your passing.

In a little more than a month, I’ll be thinking of Dad again, a little more than an ordinary day, as we all recognize and celebrate fatherhood. But Father’s Day also is a mixed emotional event, as it recalls the date of my mother’s death in 1984. She too gave her all to her family. She was a baker, a nurturer, and a woman who volunteered for church and non-profit organizations. She had nothing but love to give and I only regret that she didn’t live long enough for me to fully appreciate all she did and gave (and to tell her so). Mom was thin and beautiful in her youth. She left us letters and a diary or two so we can glimpse her passion and verve. Perhaps it is from her that my love of writing springs.

Ironic, I suppose, that I’m having my second colonoscopy in June, since it was colon cancer that took her from us. I’m not yet 50, but have followed my doctor’s advice to be checked early for polyps that can lead to cancer.  Three years ago, I learned that getting checked early and having a few polyps removed is far easier than fighting cancer–no matter what discomforts and hunger pangs we must endure to prepare for the test.

This is a reminder to every woman out there, and men too, get the tests done your doctor recommends, change your diet and your exercise habits. Live as long and strong as you can for those you love. In writing, we talk about he importance of characters and their portrayal. You’re a character in your family members’ lives–make your journey into a long, rambling novel of memories and events that you don’t want to put down.

2 thoughts on “Rainy days :-(

  1. Joanne says:


    I remember both your parents well. Thank you for sharing your memories and lessons from them. I hope to check out the MP often. It’s comforting to know you are there…writing and celebrating menopause like many of us.

    Joanne (Gary)

  2. Louise says:

    Yes’m! :)

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